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  • Fiber Flex Pipe

Fiber Flex Pipe

We offer a customizable pipe solution that you can easily and efficiently transport and install. Fiber Flex Pipe is a lightweight alternative to both HDPE and steel pipe.


  • Lightweight: a 30 ft. joint meets OSHA’s two man weight limit (base product).
  • Flexible: allows for a 90° bend over a 60 ft. span of pipe.
  • Connects Quickly: 30 ft. joints can be installed in under 20 seconds with quick connects or under 15 minutes for permanent installs.

Industry Uses

  • Permanent Installations
  • Mining
  • Municipality
  • Industrial Refining
  • Temporary Transport
  • Anywhere pipe is used

Tested Tough*

ASTM Standards: Tests were conducted according to ASTM standards D1599 and D2143. Hydrostatic Pressure Capability Tests: Tests established working and burst pressures along with proving cycle durability that simulated a year of operation.

  • 250 psi working, 500 psi burst
  • Cycle 0 psi to 250 psi, 365 times
  • Each test was conducted multiple times to ensure statistical accuracy.

Sheer Strength Tests: Tests established the Electro-Fusion couplings' ability to withstand axial forces exerted under stress.

  • 23.5 tons or 47,000lbs of force was applied without failure
  • Each test was conducted multiple times to ensure statistical accuracy.

*All test results shown above are from the base product, they only get better.

Quick Connect Installation Video

Watch the short video to see how quickly and easily two sections of pipe are joined.

Permanent Installation Video

Coming Soon!

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